What is LineUpr?

LineUpr is the event app solution for organizers to communicate their event to all participants. Organizers can register their own account and create event apps with our manager, which connects participants with each other and with the organizer. The creation of the event apps is very user-friendly and enables a usage for hybrid, online or on-site events.

Does LineUpr make sense for my event?

For any type of event, whether with 50 or 5000 participants, the use of our event app is suitable. As soon as you need to send your guests a program and more information about the event, the use of our solution makes sense. Even hybrid events, where the user participates on the computer, can be implemented with LineUpr. Here you can find some event apps created with LineUpr as examples.

Who will create the app for my event?

You as the organizer. We offer a very user friendly content management system (Manager), which makes creating your own event app a breeze. If you don't have the time, you can hire us as a service provider to create the app for you. Please contact us for this purpose!

How can I create my event app?

LineUpr provides you with a content management system, the "Manager", which allows you to enter the content for your event and to customize the appearance of your app very easily. You only need to sign up to access all our features through your account.

Do I need any technical skills to create my event apps?

Not at all. Anyone who knows his way around the web can create his own event apps with LineUpr. For questions you can always get in touch with our support.

Event App

Can participants register for my event via the app?

LineUpr is currently not a guest management solution for inviting or registering participants to your event. But you can easily integrate LineUpr into any guest management solution by using the link to your app. Furthermore, our attendee features offer the possibility of individual communication via the app.

How will my visitors obtain the event app?

When adding a new event app, a URL is created which can be opened in any web browser. You can distribute this URL through your social networks, send it via email, or put it on your flyers or posters using a QR code.

Do my guests need to download my event app from the app store?

No. Our event apps are simple web apps and do not require any prior installation compared to so-called “native” apps. The advantage: You can make your app available immediately — your visitors simply open your app’s URL in their browsers.

On which devices and operating systems can my event app be used?

The event apps can be used with practically every operating system for mobile devices and computers with a browser. They are usable on any current iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet and laptop.

What happens when my visitors have no Internet connection?

After loading an event app for the first time, all necessary data is saved on the mobile device. This allows your guest to open and use your app, even when they are offline. Communication features, such as attendee chat, require an Internet connection.

Can I edit my event app after publishing and during the event?

Yes, you can edit the content of your event app anytime you want. Updates will be visible in the event app the next time you open it.

Is there an optimized version of the event apps for desktops and tablet devices?

Yes, our current event app adapts to any device and can therefore be used on mobile, tablet and computer. Our solution is optimized for a hybrid event use case.

Where do I find the QR code for my event app?

You need to create the QR code for your event yourself. Please use the event URL on the dashboard in the manager and create a QR code on a QR code generator of your choice on the Internet.

Costs and Upgrades

How much does it cost?

Every event app you create uses the free “Basic” package with basic functionality for up to 50 guests. You can do an upgrade to a paid package at any time. The pricing is defined by number of attendees and features. Check out our pricing site for more details. You can do upgrades stepwise and we will deduct previous payments for upgrades. Furthermore, we offer so-called optional "Add-Ons", which enable additional functions to the standard packages.

How much does the event app cost for my visitors?

Usage is and will remain free of charge for your event’s visitors.

Are there running costs?

No, with us all costs are charged per event and there are no ongoing costs. Some features, such as the add-on for a whitelabel domain with a fixed runtime, are not automatically renewed.

What happens if I do not purchase an event app upgrade?

Used functions that are not unlocked by an upgrade are not included in the published event app. Furthermore, the number of participants included in the free Basic package must not exceed 50 people. If we find that the number of participants exceeds the quota of the current package, we reserve the right to disable an event app after attempting to contact the organizer.

How do you count users of an event app?

Each package has a participant quota, which refers to the number of users of the app during the event. We count the number of logins or the number of different devices during the event period to determine if the number of guests booked by the organizer is correct.

What happens when my event exceeds the current participant quota for the app?

If the package quota is exceeded, we will try to contact the event organizer. If there is no explanation or reaction to the higher usage of the app, we reserve the right to deactivate an event app.

The number of participants in my event has increased, how can I change my upgrade?

If you expect more participants, you can upgrade to a higher attendee package at any time in the manager. You will only be charged the difference to the already paid amount.

What does the default 14 day event length for an app upgrade mean?

This means that your actual event and its agenda must not last longer than 14 days. The use before and after the event has no time restriction.

Is it possible to set up an event that is longer than 14 days?

Yes, we also offer solutions for events with overlength. We have special conditions for this. Just get in touch with us!

Data Privacy

How do you handle data privacy at LineUpr?

Data protection is an important part of our solution. We follow the data protection rules of the GDPR, the European Data Protection Regulation.

Where are the LineUpr servers located?

Our servers are located in Germany at our hosting provider Hetzner.


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