What is LineUpr?

We’re a young startup based in Germany and our goal is to make communication between event organizers and visitors more direct and interactive. To do this, we’ve developed a content management system that allows anyone to create his or her own interactive mobile event apps in a snap.

Does LineUpr make sense for my event?

Every event with agenda items, locations, or a lineup of speakers or artists is perfectly suited for a mobile event app! For some examples, check out these event apps which were created using our platform.

How much does it cost?

Every event app you create uses the free “Basic” package with basic functionality for up to 50 guests. You can do an upgrade to a paid package at any time. The pricing is defined by number of attendees and features. Check out our pricing site for more details. You can do upgrades stepwise and we will deduct previous payments for upgrades.

Can participants register for my event via the app?

No, LineUpr is not a solution for inviting or registering participants to your event. But you can easily integrate LineUpr into any guest management solution by using the link to your app.

How much does the event app cost for my visitors?

Usage is and will remain free of charge for your event’s visitors.

Who will create the app for my event?

You as the organizer. We offer a very simple and user friendly content management system, which makes creating your own event app a breeze.

How can I create my event app?

LineUpr provides you with a content management system, which allows you to enter the content for your event and to customize the appearance of your app very easily. You only need to sign up.

Do I need any technical skills to create my event apps?

Not at all. Anyone who knows his way around the web can create his own event apps with LineUpr.

How will my visitors obtain their event app?

When adding a new event app, a URL is created which can be opened in any web browser. You can distribute this URL through your social networks, send it via email, or put it on your flyers or posters using a QR code.

Do my guests need to download my event app from the app store?

Nope. Our event apps are simple web apps and do not require any prior installation compared to so-called “native” apps. The advantage: You can make your app available immediately — your visitors simply open your app’s URL in their browsers.

On which devices and operating systems can my event app be used?

The event apps can be used with practically every operating system for mobile devices. They are usable on any current iPhone or Android or Windows smartphone.

What happens when my visitors have no Internet connection?

After loading an event app for the first time, all necessary data is saved on the mobile device. This allows your guest to open and use your app, even when they are offline.

Can I edit the content of my created event app after publishing?

Yes, you can edit the content of your event app anytime you want. Updates will be visible in the event app the next time you open it.

Is there an optimized version of the event apps for desktops and tablet devices?

Currently not. We have plans to introduce additional formats of the event app in the future.