All Features of the Event App at a Glance

Web-Based Event App

Our apps are web apps that work on all smartphones and devices! The apps are opened via a URL, which is loaded in the browser of the smartphone or laptop. Broadcasting the app via a URL offers many flexible possibilities for marketing.

No Installation

A download of up to 100 MB for an app deters many participants. Our app does not need to be installed and opens immediately. The acceptance rate is much higher compared to other event apps from the app store. And the web app even works offline.

Customisable Language

The event app is available in different languages. Currently we offer English (US and UK), Spanish, French, Russian, Portugese, German, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, and Serbian. Other languages can be individually requested. Regardless of the language, most concepts in the app are customisable.

Flexible for Every Kind of Event

Our event app is designed so that it can be flexibly adapted to any application. Whether virtual or hybrid, whether it’s a conference, customer event, BarCamp or festival; with just a few changes to the structure, titles and the presentation of the app, almost every type of event is covered.

Real-Time Updates

The event app is ready to use immediately after creation and can be updated at any time. Changes to the content or settings will be updated directly for all participants. Thus, you can flexibly adapt the app to your needs before, during and after the event.

All the information for your event in one app


Whether for one-day or multi-day events, with the event app you can optimally broadcast your agenda. Categories help you to clearly structure extensive program sequences.

Lineup Profiles

Create profiles for contributors such as speakers, artists or companies with brief information and contact details. Show your participants who is performing when and how.


Show the venue or stations for your event. Whether it’s a conference centre, hotel restaurant or a virtual location with video live stream, with the “Locations” you can easily answer the “where” during an event.


All locations can be clearly presented in a map view. Participants can better orientate themselves during an event.

Sponsor Profiles

With the event app, you can offer your sponsors another attractive medium to showcase themselves. Present your sponsors within the app and unlock an additional source of revenue.


You want to share important information with all participants during the event? Then use our messages, which are boldly displayed in the app.

Info Pages

General information such as the concept of the event, BarCamp rules or tips on accommodation can be easily presented on our info pages.

Link External Content

If there are services or content that cannot easily be integrated into the app, then you can easily link them in menus and sub pages.

One app for all of your participants’ needs

Simple Usability

Less is more! We keep the app functionally slim, because too many options and possibilities can scare the user. We make it as easy as possible for the participants to find the information that is important to them. They will show their gratitude by using the event app more intensively.

Own Agenda and Favorites

With the event app, the participant can plan the event individually and put together his personal agenda. Our “Favorites” feature allows the participant to easily remember agenda items and lineup profiles.

Give Feedback Easily

The participants have something on their mind and they would like to communicate this to you. With the app, feedback can be given to any item on the program without inquiry. Contact partners can also be optimally communicated via the app.

Live polls, surveys and more

Get feedback from your participants and engage them interactively in your event.

Networking, Chat and more

Give your attendees a tool to easily connect with each other.

Insights and Statistics

“Favorites” Statistics

You have always been interested in which items on the program arouse the most interest? With LineUpr you can see how many participants have a specific program item on their own agenda.

Google Analytics/Matomo Integration

Optionally, you can integrate your Google Analytics or Matomo account into the event app and see in detail when and how well the app was used. Evaluate your communication strategy with detailed statistics.

Your event app with your corporate identity

Custom event app branding

Own Color Scheme

Design your app with its own color scheme and customize the appearance of the homepage and subpages.

Teaser Image

Integrate a powerful teaser image into your app’s homepage, giving it a unique look.

App Icon

Create your own icon for the app’s bookmark on the home screen. With the app’s icon, the participant will easily find your event app on his smartphone again.

Replace Footer Image

You do not want the LineUpr logo on the homepage of your app? Then just replace it with your own image or that of a sponsor.

Access and data protection

Protect Your App with a Password

With the optional global password protection, you can additionally secure the content of your event app and make sure that only the participants can see it. The password must be entered once, when the event app is first opened.

Servers in Germany

The data from the event apps are stored by us on servers in Germany. In doing so, we ensure that we comply with European data protection law and comply with the increasingly required data protection standard.

GDPR ready

The use of our app is in accordance with the European Data Protection Act and we only store the most necessary data of the app users. If the app is used without attendee login, we do not save any personal data during use.

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