How to use your
voucher code?

Upgrade your event app with a LineUpr voucher

You probably belong to the lucky ones that own a LineUpr voucher. Voucher codes can be used to reduce the price for an app upgrade or you can even get an event app for free. In the following you will see how to use your voucher code with your LineUpr account.

1. Setup a LineUpr account and create an event

If you already have an organizer account and created an event before just skip to step 2.

To use your voucher you need a LineUpr account. Get started by signing up here. With your organizer account you can create as many event apps as you want. After you created your account just start with a new event. Every event is a free “Basic” app. It is limited to a fixed attendee limit and does not include all available features. Look here to get started.

2. Open the upgrade dialog for your event

Make sure you are in the editor view for your event and click on the “Upgrade Now” button in the lower left corner to open the upgrade dialog.

Upgrade button in LineUpr Manager

3. Select an upgrade package

Set the approximate number of attendees that will come to your event and select the package that fits your event. If you have a voucher code for a free event, you should go for the premium package.

Select Upgrade package for LineUpr

4. Enter your invoice details

Enter all your data and click the blue “Payment” button at the bottom of the form.

Invoice form for purchasing an upgrade in LineUpr

5. Enter your voucher code

Almost done! In this step you will find the field “voucher”. Enter your code and click the “Redeem” button. The pricing will update with the reduced price or even show a total of 0 for a free app.

Form field to enter voucher code

When your voucher code is accepted your form should look something like this.

Success message for a valid voucher code

6. Buy upgrade with updated voucher price

Check the total amount you have to pay and click the green “Buy Upgrade” button. Your event will be upgraded with all the features instantly. Enjoy your upgraded event app!