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Adaptable to every device type: Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone

Compatibility for all device types
Compatibility for all device types
Compatibility for all device types



Presentation of the agenda with all items on the program

Lineup Profiles

Profiles for contributors, such as speakers, artists or companies

Location Profiles

Profiles for different locations of the event with optional room plans

Virtual Locations

Integrate video streams and other content via Iframe


Interactive map for orientation and navigation to locations

Sponsor Profiles

Presentation of sponsors with their own individual profile


Send popup messages directly to the app

PDF Attachments

Distribute documents, presentation slides, etc. through the app


Customize Wording

Customize the titles and labels in the app

Customisable Menus

Customize, add and remove entries in the app menu

Individual Color Scheme

Create the app using your own colors, for example your corporate design

Replace Footer Image

Replace the LineUpr logo on the app’s homepage with your own footer image



Replace your questionnaire on paper through the app


Let your attendees vote about specific topics live during the event

Questions and Answers

Receive questions from your attendees and let them upvote entries

Get Feedback

View participants’ assessments and comments of program items


Attendee Profiles

Attendees can create their own profile

Public and Private Chat

Sending private messages between attendees and publicly


Attendees can share contact details

Video Calls

Two attendees can have a private video call


Evaluate Favorites

Statistics about the distribution of the participants’ favorites

Google Analytics

Collect usage statistics with your own Google Analytics account


Collect usage statistics with your own Matomo account

Access Restrictions

Password Protection

The app can only be opened with a global password

Attendee Login

Each attendee logs into the app with his own email/password


Number of Attendees at Your Event

How many attendees do you expect?

Price per Event

For the given number of attendees above

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excl. VAT

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Duration of Event

Maximum number of days, please get in touch for events with longer duration

up to 14 days
up to 14 days
up to 14 days
Optional Whitelabel Domain

Open your app with your domain

999 {{currency | uppercase}}/Event (excl. price above and VAT)

Multi Event


from 1,999 {{currency | uppercase}}/Year (excl. VAT)
For organizers with many events, we offer individual flat rate offers based on the number and size of the events and the desired functionality.


We offer a discount of up to 20% when purchasing several Event App licenses at once.


Whitelabel Domain

999 {{currency | uppercase}}/Event (excl. VAT)
Open your event apps with your own domain.

Event App Creation

from 999 {{currency | uppercase}}/Year (excl. VAT)
Save time and let us create and design your event app to get an optimal result.

On Site Support

We help you to use the app on site in the best possible way and support you with voting and more.

Start with free Basic and upgrade later!

You can create and publish your complete app for free. If you need additional features or expect more than 50 attendees, you can choose a paid package.

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