How can I track my event app’s
usage statistics?

How to connect your event app with Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to measure the usage statistics of your event app. It allows you to track the quantity, time and duration of visits within your app. You can event capture statistics for each single item in your app individually — allowing you to draw conclusions about the popularity of your schedule, lineup and sponsors.

Create your Google Analytics user account

In order to measure statistics for your event you first need to create a Google Analytics account. If you don’t have an account yet, follow this link and create one.

Create a new account within Google Analytics for your event

Once you’ve created your Google Analytics user account, look for Admin and create a new tracking account. Click on the menu in the left column of the page and select “Create new account”.

Select the category “Website”, choose an account name (e.g. the name of your company) and the name of your event as the website name. In the “Website URL” dropdown menu, select “https:” and enter “”. To ensure you’re getting the correct information don’t forget to select your current time zone.

Finish by clicking the blue button “Get Tracking ID”. On the following page you’ll see your newly created tracking ID — it will look something like UA-XXXXXXXX-X.

Activate Google Analytics in your event settings

Open the LineUpr CMS and go to your event’s settings. In the “General” settings within the section “Statistics” you can insert your Google Analytics key:

Access your statistics

Done! From now on Google Analytics will track your app’s usage statistics and show them in your Google Analytics account. Be patient though, it might take a few hours until first results are shown.