The simplest way to create mobile event guides

  • Made for:
  • Conferences
  • Festivals
  • Workshops
  • City Festivals
  • Barcamps
  • Other

A few steps to your own mobile event guide


Enter Your Content

Create profiles for your artists, speakers, or other contributors. Show the locations where your event takes place. Present the schedule of your event. Promote your sponsors.


Customize Your Guide

Create a theme with a unique color scheme for your event guide. Add images and customize the wording in your guide to fit your event. Make your event one of a kind!


Spread Your Guide URL

Your attendees can use the mobile event guide by just opening the guide URL in their browser. Spread the URL with QR codes, social media, email or any way possible to reach your target group.

Your mobile web app in the hands of your attendees

Real-time Information

Your attendees can always see what’s currently going on. The guide shows who is speaking now, who is up next, and event locations nearby.

Custom Agenda

Let your attendees pick their agenda highlights and create their own personal schedule by marking what’s interesting to them.

No Installation

It’s a web app! Your attendees can open the URL in their mobile browsers to access the event guide. No time consuming installation is necessary.

Works Offline

The event guide works even without Internet connection. The web app caches all information after the first load and updates whenever Internet is available.

Surveys and Polls

Ask your attendees questions by sending surveys and polls to their smartphones. Find out what your attendees think instantly.

Send Messages

Use your mobile event guide to publish new information. Communicate changes or use this feature as a promotional tool to reach your attendees.

Present Sponsors

The web app gives you an additional option to display your event sponsors and promote them efficiently to your attendees.

Social Sharing

Let your attendees share the event guide on their social media accounts to increase your event’s reach.

More successful events with LineUpr

Replace Print Products

No need to print your event information or program on paper. The mobile event guide will replace most of your printed brochures, leaflets, or flyers.

Promote Sponsors

Presenting sponsors to your attendees is key for a successful event. With an event guide by LineUpr you have an attractive tool to increase the income coming from your sponsors.

Optimize Communication

It was never easier to communicate with your attendees during the event. Engage attendees by keeping them up-to-date and giving them all the information to get the best out of your event.

Get Feedback

Doing surveys the old way on paper requires a lot of effort. With your own mobile event guide you can ask your guests all the things you need to know to optimize your event.

Analyze Statistics

By using a mobile event guide you get valuable information about your attendees. Knowing the interests and behavior of your guests is gold!

Start creating your first event guide!