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Hybrid event app
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Hybrid, on-site or virtual – one solution for every Event

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Hybrid Events

With a LineUpr app, you can reach and engage your attendees anywhere, on any device. Whether on-site, on a smartphone, or at home on a computer, every attendee gets the same content and features. Create a live poll and let users vote on-site and from home. Live streams, live polls, and more bring all participants to one digital place.

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On-Site Events

The event app you create is primarily used on the smartphone during a physical event on site. As a flexible replacement for the printed program booklet, you can always keep the participants informed and updated. Interactive functions, such as polls or networking, bind participants more closely to your event.

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Online Events

Virtual event formats take place entirely online. Our app is perfect for use on larger screens at work or at home. Participants can chat, network and watch live streams via the app. LineUpr offers an interactive solution for your online event.

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Event app content

Enter Content

Register for free and get started right away! Create profiles for speakers, artists, or other contributors to your event. Show where your event takes place or embed video streams. Present your program. Market the sponsors of your event and more.

Customization and design

Individualise the App

Create your own design with an individual color scheme for your event app. Add pictures and customize the app’s titles to your event. Design the app in your corporate design and make it unique!

Communcation and marketing

Spread the App via URL

Your guests only need to use their browser to access your event app via URL on any kind of device. Share your app URL via QR code, social media, email, or other means. On a smartphone the app’s icon can be placed on the home screen without an installation.

Your versatile web app in the hands of your attendees

Real-Time Information

Your guests can always see when and where something is happening. The app shows you who is talking, who is next, where your venues and video live streams are and more.

Individual Agenda

Let your guests choose their personal highlights and create their own personal agenda. They just have to scroll through the program and highlight their favorites.

No Installation

It is a web app! Your guests just need to open the URL in their browser and get direct access to your app without the hassle of installing it. The usage is much higher compared to event apps from the app store.

Offline Functionality

The event app also works when there is no internet access available. The web app saves all of the data after the first load and updates as soon as a connection is available again.

Compatibility for all device types

Polls and Feedback

Use the web app to conduct surveys, polls and Q&As with upvoting, collect feedback, and give your guests a voice for an even better event. More details can be found here.

Send Messages

Send messages to your web app and communicate with your guests. Program changes, promotions and other information are easily noticed by your guests.

Display Sponsors

With the web app you have another opportunity to introduce your sponsors and promote them effectively within the app. So your event app is easily funded.

Social Media

Your participants can easily share the app on social channels and indirectly promote your event. Thanks to our web app approach, the range of your event is thereby significantly increased.

A great product! Saves a lot of time, paperwork and effort. Definitely a great solution to move from analog into digital. We highly recommend it.

Ekaterina Schneider, Axel Springer Plug and Play

A really great tool for our event planning. We have never seen such a flexible and simple event agenda tool before. Congrats to the founders!

Armin Pialek, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

We used LineUpr for the HR BarCamp in Vienna to communicate with our participants quickly and easily. A great tool, which we will use again at our next event!

Worklife Camp

Our International conference PyCon.De 2016 with 300+ attendees went smooth like magic once we used LineUpr.

Uliana Andriieshyna, PyCon

Interactively Integrate Participants and Receive Feedback

Survey in event app

Feedback and Surveys

With the event app, your participants can rate individual program points and take part in surveys. With our survey feature, you can get valuable feedback from your participants.

Live Voting

Get the opinion of your participants through a live poll during a presentation. Ask a question over the app and engage your participants interactively in your event. The results are available in real-time.

Q+A with Upvoting

Have your participants submit questions over the event app and let them upvote their favorites. In lectures or podium discussions, the audience can easily be involved and questions can be efficiently answered.

Live Presentation of the Results

With our slide view you can display results in real-time for all survey types. Show the results of a survey on a screen and give participants direct feedback on their interaction.

Attendee Networking

Own Attendee Profile

Within the event app, each attendee can create his or her own profile with information, personal contact data and photo to present himself or herself within the list of attendees. Of course, the organizer can also create the profiles for the participants to further simplify the access to the app.


Your attendees can easily search for other attendees via the attendee list and see who else is at the event. Sending messages with our chat functionality makes it easy for your participants to network and successfully get in touch.

Sharing Contact Details

Exchanging many business cards is often an indicator for a successful event. We digitalize the business card and make it even easier for the attendees to exchange contact data. The digital business card makes it possible to stay in contact after the event without much effort.


An optional add-on allows you to define time slots and locations where attendees can send each other appointment requests. This helps your attendees to meet within a structured setup.

Chat functionality in event app

Guest Management for your Agenda

Add-On Schedule Registration

Define Attendee Lists

As the organizer, you can determine who should attend which schedule item and who should not. You can assign an individual agenda to each participant via attendee lists.

Schedule Registration

Attendees can register for a schedule item or cancel their registration. This means that you always have an overview of who and how many people are taking part in a workshop or session.

Optimize Room Planning

Use the option that attendees have to register for a workshop or a session before the event, in order to plan your rooms according to size and number of participants in advance.

Boost your Hybrid Events with our Desktop View

Works on Every Device

Our event app is responsive and adapts to every device. You can access the app via mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer which gives your attendees the best flexibility when accessing your event content.

One Hub for Everything

We are web-based which means you can link to any other service to increase the event experience. Use it as a hub to connect desktop services for video streaming, document sharing or any other tool which your attendees can use on a desktop computer.

Video Streams with Group Chat

Hybrid events often use video streams to share the event experience with users at home. Virtual locations in our event app allow you to easily embed video streams next to a group chat for an engaging event experience.

Desktop presentation of an event app

Always have everything under control with our app manager

Easy to Use!

Thousands of organizers have already independently created an event app with us. The live preview of the app makes everything very easy and user-friendly.

Adjust the App at Any Time

The event app can be customized at any time with the manager. All changes are immediately visible on your smartphone.

Save Time with Flexibility

You no longer need to depend on other service providers to make small changes to the app. You, yourself, can implement them spontaneously and quickly.

The LineUpr manager to handle and edit your event app

Five additional arguments for LineUpr

Permanently Digitalise Printed Media

Printed programs or flyers are no longer needed. The app replaces most of the usual printed brochures or event plans, is always up to date and saves a lot of money.

Data Security

Data protection is an important issue for us, that is why our servers are in Germany. We treat your data with care and according to the European data protection law. The users of the app are recorded anonymously depending on access mode.

Higher Acceptance of Web Apps

We consciously rely on web apps instead of native apps from the app store! The usage rate of the event app is thus significantly higher, as the app opens immediately and the initial hurdle of installing the app is avoided.

Reuse Event Apps

LineUpr is optimised as a tool to regularly create event apps. That's why you can simply duplicate already created apps, or just their content, and reuse them for future events. We save you a lot of time!

Evaluate Statistics

We offer the integration of Google Analytics or Matomo. This allows you to statistically record the usage of your app at any time and to evaluate, in detail, the success of the channels used to market the event app.

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