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To make networking easier for your attendees, you no longer need an extra networking app. Just activate all networking features in our event app and your attendees will have just one central app for everything they need for your event.

Attendee List

Include a list of profiles of all participants to show who is on site. The profiles are either created by the participants themselves or you already create a profile for your participants, which they can then only adapt optionally.

Individual Attendee Login

Each attendee logs in to the app. Those login credentials are cross-application and will be created during the first login if the participant does not yet have an account for his or her email.

Attendee Profiles

The list of profiles of your attendees is the central point to network and communicate with each other within the event app. Every attendee can create his own profile to present himself. An own photo, information about your profession or just additional contact data makes it easy for other participants to get in touch. As an organizer you can control which information a profile should contain in order to optimize the communication between attendees for the respective event. Profiles can also be created by the organizer before the event to help attendees overcome another hurdle within the app.

Send Chat Messages

As an attendee you can receive messages and send them to other participants. The chat function allows to address interesting profiles among the attendees directly. Even the exchange of already known participants has a positive effect on the perception of the event. Via the inbox of the app the attendee can view and manage all his conversations.

Share Contact Data

Although the classic form of the business card is still relevant, it is an unnecessary detour to remain networked in the long term. Almost all participants now maintain their contacts digitally, so that a digital format for exchanging contacts is the way to go. Each attendee can add private contact data, which they share with selected profiles. When networking between two attendees, additional information such as e-mail and telephone number is provided in order to stay in contact after the event. The attendee can easily manage all contact requests and contacts via the app and also use them outside the app after the event.


Our appointment add-on gives you the option to set locations and times during your event where attendees can meet with each other at predefined times. For example, tables at a networking event could be set up where two participants can meet every half hour to get in touch and talk.

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