It takes just a few steps to your mobile event app


Create account and log in

Get started now by creating your own free LineUpr account and log in to enter the content management system.


Create new event

Once logged in you can create a new event app from your homescreen. With a LineUpr account you can create as many event apps as you want.


Edit event

Add event locations, contributors, agenda items, and sponsors to your app. Customize colors and wording of your event app and make it unique.


Publish event

To open the URL of your event and see your app without being logged in you have to publish it first.


Spread URL

Your event’s target group or attendees have to open the event URL to use the app. Communicate the URL by using social media, email, or QR codes on printed posters and flyers.


Live updates and surveys

Keep your app up-to-date when event changes arise. Send posts and surveys to the users of your app during the event and engage your attendees.


Analyze statistics

Analyze your event afterwards. See what was popular at your event and how the attendees used your app. Use this information to optimize your next event.

Your next event app will be created even faster

Use information from previously created apps for your next app and save time and effort.

Create your own event app now