Why Web Apps Make the
Best Event Apps!

How to work around the disadvantages of event apps from an app store.

Many event organizers believe that it’s best to download an event app from an app store and are often not aware that they present many disadvantages compared to web-based apps. Web apps, which are akin to mobile websites, simply need to be opened in a browser via a URL, ready for use. This offers many advantages, hence LineUpr relies on such apps. Let’s take a closer look at why they are the best alternative to native event apps:

No Installation Required

There is already so a great deal of apps on your visitors’ smartphones, and many have become somewhat tired of installing yet another one for every short-term situation. Installing an app for an event that might only be used for a day is so much more of a hassle than simply opening a URL to a web app. You have all the information readily available without having to download several megabytes of data, which the user will probably end up uninstalling after only a short time. With native apps from the app store, you can lose a lot of users who simply do not want to perform another installation.

Flexible Marketing + Social Media

A direct entry into the event app is very important to attract as many users as possible. That’s why web apps are perfect for marketing an event and are an obvious choice for promoting it on social networks. You post a link and users can open it immediately and get all the info first-hand. With native event apps, you can only link to the App Store or Play Store. You only receive information if you are actually willing to install the app.

Innovative marketing channels — such as a QR code on a poster that links to the event app — are also only possible as a web app. From a marketing standpoint, you have many more options and are much more flexible.

One Application for All Smartphone Operating Systems

Web apps work smoothly across all platforms. Whether Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Blackberry — a web-based event app can be used anywhere with a modern browser.

Lower Costs With the Same Functions

With native event apps, you have to implement multiple applications to appeal to as many users as possible. One app for the Google Play Store for Android, one app for the App Store for iPhone. And to really reach all users, you would also have to provide an app for Windows Mobile or Blackberry users. Creating web-based event apps is much more cost-effective, since you only have to design one application for all smartphone platforms. Functional capabilities of a web-based event app are comparable to those of native apps from the app store, so you improve on user experience without compromising on performance.

Instantly Operational — No Waiting Around

Web-based event apps created with LineUpr can be deployed immediately. Posting event apps to the Apple App Store or Google Play store so that users can install them requires a review process. This involves checking the app for content and functionality, which can take several days to weeks. In the worst case, a submission can also be rejected if certain content is not compatible with the guidelines of the respective app store. With a web app, you save yourself time and effort with a solution that can be used directly within minutes.

Search Engines

As an end-user, one can easily find web apps using search engines such as Google or Bing. This makes it easier to get information about an event and reach additional users. Even after the event, the web app can continue to exist and, for example, gather momentum for recurring events. The one-time setup of a web-based event app thus creates a marketing springboard for the future.

Restrictions on Company Smartphones

Many companies equip their employees with smartphones, which often have customized software settings. Quite often, additional app installations are restricted or disabled for security reasons. In that case, the user would not be able to install and thus use an event app from the app store. A web-based event app, on the other hand, can be opened in the browser on any device without any problems, so no one is excluded by such restrictions.


Web-based event apps can technically more than keep up with native apps that require installing from an app store. They save the end-user much effort while providing cost benefits for the organizers. All in all, you save a lot of precious time and money and end up with more users on your event app. No wonder! Getting started via URL is a hassle-free solution compared with a cumbersome app installation for a fairly short-term occurence like an event.