What is the Best Way to Market
My Event App?

Tips for promoting your event URL before and during the event

Each mobile event app you create with LineUpr has its own individual event URL that simply needs to be opened on the smartphone. In order for the mobile app to really be used, you need to make your event’s target audience aware of its URL. Let’s run through various scenarios and share our experience of getting interested parties or event guests to open and use your event app’s URL.

Before the Event


If you have a guest list with your visitors’ email addresses, then the easiest way to communicate your mobile event app is by distributing the event URL via email. You could also briefly mention the added value the app brings to motivate your guests to open the URL, such as “You can always find the latest info here”. Sending out the URL just before the event starts is the best way to engage attendees, as this is when it becomes more relevant to them.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn are ideal channels to market your event. The snappy format of your event URL is perfect for sharing on social media. In addition, social platforms are now primarily accessed from mobile devices, thus the event app lands directly on smartphones without having to take a cumbersome detour via laptops or other devices. Subpages can also be shared directly, so you can create posts featuring artist or speaker profiles.

QR Codes on Posters and Prints

If you advertise your event with posters or other print products, QR codes are perfectly suited to redirect your potential visitors to the mobile event app. To motivate them to scan the QR code, you should give them a short hint about where it will lead them. Catchphrases like “All artists at a glance” or “Speakers and schedule” help a lot. But always keep in mind: LineUpr is ideal to save on printing. Printed brochures, for example, could be kept to the essential and instead digitally expanded.

Attention: Not all users are familiar with QR code scanner apps, so you should display the full URL of the event in addition to the QR code.

Note: Mention “event URL” in your communications and do not speak of “event app”. Some visitors think about “app” only as the respective app stores and would search for the event there instead of opening the URL in the browser.

Tip: Besides the URL or a QR code, it always helps to show a smartphone with a screenshot of the app. You can usually get participants’ attention faster with good visuals than with text that has to be read.

During the Event

Flyers and Notices

Hand out a flyer to your visitors at the entrance or make highly visible notices that mention the mobile event app. A minimal flyer with a reference to the event URL and the fact that all useful information about the event can be found there is usually sufficient.

Table Displays

Use tables and parking spaces in your event location to draw attention to your event app with small displays. A short guide including a QR code and a URL makes it easy for your visitors to use your mobile event app.

Display used at Investforum Pitchday 2016 to communicate the event app

Event Badges

The badges often issued to visitors at conferences are ideal for providing them with a reference to the mobile event app. This way, every visitor is made aware of the event URL at least once.

WiFi Landing Page

If you want to offer visitors to your event free WiFi access, you should consider integrating the mobile event app as a landing page. This way, users will land directly on the mobile event app after logging into the WLAN.

Be Creative!

There are many ways to grab your visitors’ attention. Depending on the event type, you can let your creativity run wild to promote the mobile app which partners up with your event. For inspiration, here’s an example from the unofficial pub crawl app for the Web Summit in Dublin, which was promoted using beer coasters.

Unofficial pubcrawl event app for Web Summit 2015

We are always interested in hearing from LineUpr users and how you market your event URLs. Show us your ideas! Just email us at support@lineupr.com.