Surveys, Live Voting, Q&A and Event Feedback in One App

Engage Participants interactively in your event

All Surveys in One App

All survey features are already integrated into our web-based event app. The use of additional third-party solutions is no longer needed and the participants just need to use one familiar app.

Higher User Loyalty

With our survey and live voting function, you give your participants the opportunity to participate in your event. Use this opportunity to give your participants a voice and integrate them into your event.

Feedback for a Better Event

The opinions, ratings and other event feedback will help you to optimise your event. Analyse the survey results and feedback you received to make better decisions for your next event.

Surveys and Feedback

With an event app from LineUpr, you can get rid of the classic questionnaire in paper form. Use our survey features and create a questionnaire to get feedback on the event or on other topics. With single choice, multiple choice, star ratings, and free text fields, you have all possible options at your disposal. You can retrieve the evaluation of the results at any moment.

Live Polls

A successful event involves its participants in the happenings. With live polls, you can give the audience a voice. Ask questions during a lecture and have the participants vote directly. The results can be presented in real-time, so that each participant is able to influence the events on the presentation screen and on stage with their voice.

Q+A with Upvoting

Questions from the audience are a reliable way during panel discussions or lectures to involve the participants in the event. Not everyone feels comfortable asking a question in front of a large audience. Our upvoting feature allows to pick the entries that are most interesting to your audience. The incoming question can then be selected, moderated and answered on the stage.

Live Presentation of the Survey Results

Survey result presentation with LineUpr

Results in Real-Time

The results for each survey or poll can be presented live. The presentation view updates itself automatically when new answers are received.

Web-Based Presentation View

The presentation of the results is done via a web-based view. Each survey has its own presentation view, which can simply be opened in the browser. With the full-screen mode, the results can be easily presented with a projector or on a screen.

Easily Navigate and Customize

If you have conducted a survey with multiple questions, you can easily navigate between the results. Furthermore, you can hide or display the info area for the survey and adjust the font size of the presentation.

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